spuffy reunion by me

Few Clarifications for the Comm

1) You can post fanworks here whenever you like. They can be unrelated to the overall bi-monthly challenge. The challenges are more to help tickle muses and to keep stuff coming. What you post only has to be Chloe-Centric and, if fics or vids, have plots beyond shipper fodder.

2) No challenge has to be canon compliant. If, for example, a challenge came out for summer after season three and you just had some random idea Chloe did die and spent the summer in heaven/a bus terminal in Milwaukee/wherever, that's fine. Canon's not really important here. Similarly, don't feel hemmed in about if a relationship happened as on the show. For example, if you want to do a plotty Chloe fic but have her be in a relationship with, say, Zatanna, that's fine. It doesn't matter if it wasn't onscreen in Smallville.

3) For Challenges in general - you are more than welcome to repost fanworks here originally posted somewhere else that fit the challenge. That's fine.

4) For Challenges in general - you are also welcome to post from any time from today until 11:59 pm est on the 27th of April . On 4/28/2012, we'll just start a new challenge.
spuffy reunion by me

Challenge Two - Year Abroad

For Challenge Two - Year Abroad , your job, should you choose to accept it, is to chronicle any part of Chloe's life on the run during season 10. So if you want to talk about what happened after Suicide Squad left her for dead, go for it. If you want to talk about her working as White Queen in November after General Lane was almost killed, great. If you feel like running with the lines from "Fortune" alluding to "a billionaire with high-tech toys [presumably Bruce Wayne]" or a "wondrous woman who's going to throw you for a loop [presumably Wonder Woman], then more power to you.

It must, however, be a Chloe-centric story and plot from any time after Flagg captures her to the time she shows back up in Collateral.

Go wild.


-Plot heavy
-Romance is allowed but is not a PWP or Schmoop Without Plot
-When posting, put under cut and give any applicable warnings (death, torture...etc. if you go that way)
-Due Date = April 27, 2012


Can't wait to see what you all come up with :)
spuffy reunion by me

Second Official Mod Post - Challenge Number 1 "Ten Years After"

You have from now until December 5, 2011 to make whatever you want if you so choose---icons, wallpapers, picspams, manips, fics, poems, epics, meta, whatever---on the theme of "Ten Years After."

The bulk of the finale takes place on May 13, 2011. (The flashforward is some time not disclosed in 2018). So, you're mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show what Chloe is DOING on May 13, 2021 .

Is she still helping the JLA?
Does she have a couple Pulitzers?
For those of you who were very observant on props in the finale, why was her letter coming from Singapore in the flash forward? Is she still there in 2021?
What job is she doing now as her career?
Is she doing a classroom mom thing when aliens attack? Who knows!

Go crazy*, just show us what Chloe is doing on May 13, 2021 .

Have fun!

* = Note, that a PWP ficlet of her and Guy X doesn't count for this prompt or a manip of just her, man X, and the kid from the finale. You need to focus on Chloe as an active character in a career or an incident. A guy can occur (or a woman if you so femmeslash) but they may not be the sole focus.