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Absolut Chloe
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Welcome to absolut_chloe, the community for fans of The Real Chloe Sullivan. No imitations accepted!

Banner by clois_avhm at Mundo Smallville.

lovebar by shopfront

"[Chloe] is such a complicated character and has so many facets to her that people can see her fitting with Bruce Wayne or Kara or Dean Winchester or Lex and in every instance that I see/or imagine writing this pairing, she's different with each of them. Each man or woman would bring out a different side to who she is." ~legendarytobes

While this community allows all ships with Chloe, all posts should focus on Chloe as a character, and not primarily on pairing her off. Character-driven, not romance driven. Yes, other characters can appear in the story or art and, yes, of course sometimes they will be romantic in nature as a side part of the story. However, fanworks should focus on Chloe herself and her own personality/wants/life as a character primarily.

What this community is not for is: wank. No shipping wank. No Chloe hate. Take them bad vibes and shoo! We're all about the love here in Smallville fandom!

From the former mod:
(rules upheld by current one)

New Things to Know

- If you want to pimp something Chloe Sullivan or Allison Mack related, please ask the mod by PMing legendarytobes about it
- Posts of art/fic/picspams/fanmixes/poems/meta are all allowed but will be moderated first before posting. If they're found to be inflammatory in nature, they won't be allowed. Similarly, if they're not really Chloe-focused, they'll be rejected.
- Comments are also moderated.
- Trolling works like "three strikes and you're out." If you've already had two complaints from others and two warnings from the mod, the third time, you'll be banned.


Once every two months , we'll throw out a challenge that's Chloe-centric for people to answer. This will be a word/a phrase/an idea, whatever the mod chooses, for one to do art/fic/meta to as a response. You have two months to complete and may post a response any time within the two months that fits the prompt. There's not prize for a "winner" but everyone is encouraged to have fun and post a specialty, prompted item in addition to the just normal posts to the community.

That's it, have fun and enjoy Chloe!


by wingster also called "Cris" on Fan Forum

Other funnish places:
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smallville - community for smallville talk, fic, and art in general

From ladydreamer (former mod) =
absolut_lex had the name idea first. Plus... it's LEX. And the mods are totally awesome. So give them a visit!
sorority_boys because I'm a mod there and Chlexina is love. ♥

Non LJ Places :
-http://chloe.legendarywomen.org/ - Home of the "Legendary" Commercial for Chloe Sullivan
-http://allisonmackweb.com for both Allison and any post-show Chloe news.